Fun fact: Jensen was actually asleep here and Jared had to wake him up, and this was his reaction, not Dean’s.

Smitty: *he smiles* I really do enjoy being with you Sarah.

Sarah: thanks *smile

Smitty: yeah. *he chuckles.* But it feels longer when you're with someone, ya know?

*Sarah nods in agreement

Smitty: You know...i miss doing this.

Sarah: relaxing and taking a few minutes to just breath without running or scavenging supplies? yeah it’s nice

[Processing Data]
 (the summer heat makes my brain have that reaction too sometimes)

[Processing Data]


(the summer heat makes my brain have that reaction too sometimes)

(( His mind is a bit slow. )) Dev: *got out a saw and makes a hole*

(aw because i had been hoping for a freaked out reaction to that mental struggle… maybe he can mention it and that triggers another little struggle so he can have a reaction to it?)

*while he does that, Darco wheels around the stable gathering hay and setting it up in a pile*

Smitty: Ah…this is really nice.


Sarah: yea

Dev: No. I mean a hole on the roof TO the hay pile.

( :c )
Darco: oh. that works too

Dev: Well I was thinking if we poke a hole, a big one, Eren will land in the Hay.

(aw, no freak out at the struggle for mental dominance fight along the way? i was grinning while writing that wondering how Dev would react to following Darco who suddenly was acting like Marco again being like “whats… what’s going on..? dont go along with anything he says! he-” and then get cut off by the darker side taking back over the body and just giving a creepy assed predatory grin being like “its ok, everything’s fine” that was like a legit creepy moment, if i’d see someone have a little mental fight like that i’d have been all)

Darco: make a hole in the hay pile? before he lands in it? hmm that could be interesting. it’d make him fall deeper in the pile thats for sure, and he’d probably think it wouldnt be enough to break the fall. he’d get pretty scared at that hehe yes this is a good prank~

Dev: *nods and followed Darco to the stables*

*Darco led Dev to the stables on the training grounds as it was closer. several times though on the trip there Marco seemed to try and come out a little. despite Darco being rather bad at being evil it actually was rather… creepy to watch that little mental struggle, with Marco suddenly coming out, asking what was going on and to not go along with any plans, but then being forced back and Darco giving a grin saying it’s all fine*
Darco: *once they reached the stables* there should be plenty of hay here

(might not be evil but he is a creepy little shit, i’ll give him that)